Thursday, August 29, 2013

Still Hooked on Social Media...

 Four years after the 2009 Annual Skills Building Institute for HIV Testing and Awareness Day Events and Campaigns, I am still... "hooked on social media ". The Institute's "Using New Media in Response to HIV/AIDS" workshops were conducted by Miguel Gomez (Director, and Senior Communications Advisor, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, HHS), Michelle Samplin-Salgado (New Media Strategist,, and Ian Anderson (President & COO Smart + Strong). Needless to say, the existence of is essential to the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). The team's presence at an April "community discussion" in Baltimore, MD was a timely reminder. April is the anniversary month of my first meeting with various team members and my official "hooked on social media" moment in 2009.

Video: 2009 Skills Building Institute
Although I had been using various online media platforms since 1997 starting with SixDegrees, the very first online social networking service, I officially got "hooked on social media" at the 2009 Annual Skills Building Institute for HIV Testing and Awareness Day Events and Campaigns sponsored by NAPWA,, and Smart+Strong (POZ Magazine). The Institute was a component of NAPWA’s “Mobilized to Succeed” initiative. It provided an opportunity to explore the basics and uses of new media (and social media) in response to HIV/AIDS. If you are a bit confused about "new media" and "social media", Britt Michaelian (Founder and Editor, Work Smart Mompreneurs and Work Smart Lifestyle) does a great job explaining the difference between "new media" and "social media". Professionally, the Institute mobilized me to use new media and social media tools for capacity and community building in response to HIV/AIDS. The "engagement and connecting" aspects of the social media "conversation" hooked me!

(April 14, 2009) Welcome Letter from Twitter

After my very first and second "tweets" at the Skills Building Institute, my comfort level increased with each Twitter conversations! In fact, my participation at the 2009 Annual Skills Building Institute for HIV Testing and Awareness Day Events and Campaigns was a major turning point in how I inform, network, connect, share, and collaborate as a member of the health service provider community. The Institute provided a powerful toolkit of new media tools which enhanced my "thinking out of the box" approach for public and community health. My passion to provide capacity building, technical assistance, and training through social media and 3D virtual worlds lead to the launching of Community HIV/AIDS Resource Exchange (CHARE) Project and Community Health Technology Resource Exchange (CHeTARE) Project in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

 In 2009, the Skills Building Institute introduced several channels for HIV/AIDS awareness and health education "conversations". In 2013, I am still engaging, connecting, and communicating with the use of new media especially social media. The learning experience in 2009 fuels my passion and guides my mission. New media (and social media) is too valuable to leave on the shelf and out of our local, national, and international response to HIV/AIDS. Updated New Media Toolkit

 You are encouraged to embrace relevant new and social media in your response to HIV/AIDS. Please note that an updated New Media Toolkit is now available on

Monday, August 19, 2013

Resizing and Editing Your Photos Online

With a high volume of photographs to be resized, a time-saving and cost-saving resizing tool is highly appreciated by the CHeTARE Project team (me). A web search reviewed PicResize which was promoted as
"The Internet's Best Picture Resizing Tool Easily crop, resize, and edit your images online for FREE at PicResize. 44,086,131 pictures served!"

After processing several folders of archived and active photographs, I was definitely Not disappointed. The timely receipt of a zip file with the resized photos hooked me on PicResize. 

You guessed it... has been added to the "CHeTARE ToolBox". Therefore, I was Not surprised when I read the blog... Reaches 40 Million Processed Picture... has now reached a new milestone since the company’s inception, almost 8 years ago. Nich Wattanasin, founder of


Take a Test Drive: You are encouraged to check out PicResize by resizing your own photo right now: Please note that the photograph's width has been pre-set at 300 pixels for this test-drive. The photo's height will automatically scale during the resizing process. Your feedback would be appreciated!