Monday, February 15

CHeTARE Project... Moving Forward Virtually


 Thrilled to be back at my real life CHeTARE Project desk! 
It has been an amazing opportunity to 
work on several STI laboratory training and public health projects within real life and 3D immersive virtual world communities. Although I may have stepped away from my writing for a bit, the work of the Community Health Technology Awareness Resource Exchange (CHeTARE) Project  did not stop. It has continued to move forward into 2021 and beyond. The mission of CHeTARE Project is to provide technical assistance and training designed to increase basic understanding, usability and application of 3D immersive virtual worlds and social media platforms within public and community health. The CHeTARE Project team is excited to have the opportunity to share real life and virtual-based experiences and resources to share with you. It is my hope that you have been following CHeTARE Project on Facebook; ScoopIt; and Twitter

  Now, it is my pleasure to share news about the recent redevelopment at the CHeTARE Training Camp, one of several 3D immersive virtual world projects located in Kitelyan OpenSimulator-generated grid.   As a component of the CHeTARE Project, the 3D immersive virtual world was built to showcase and encourage the relevant integration of 3D virtual worlds technology and social media platforms within public health, community health, and nonprofit communities as well as grassroots movements. 

The CHeTARE Training Camp (CTC) serves as a meeting, and "hands-on" training site for the Community Health Technology Awareness Resource Exchange (CHeTARE) Project. It is the primary venue for training sessions, lectures, and workshops pertaining to the “Real to Virtual; Virtual to Real" integration of 3D immersive virtual worlds into public health awareness; health communication; social media;  and 3D virtual world technology.

  The "newbie-friendly" region includes a Training Center (site for training courses, usability discussions, and group meetings); Reflection Mountain (small group meetings and meditation); Builders Lab (construction training space); Peak (mountain top spot for up to three residents); Newbie Sandbox (exportable avatars); and CheriNet's HG Gateway Park (for regional and HG teleportation). The CHeTARE Training Camp is maintained and operated by the 3D virtual avatar Sally Cherry aka Sally S Cherry, BS, MT(ASCP)