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Naming your Facebook Business Page

Does your organization (or business) have a Facebook Business page? Not a "Friends" page but a dedicated "Business Page". Although numerous organizations have well-maintained, informative "Business Pages", some organizations may ask "Why bother?"  

 According to the monthly, running tally of Digital Marketing Ramblings' Craig Smith, Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users, 680 million mobile users, and more than 42 million pages at the beginning of March 2013. So, it's No bother... It's just "good" outreach (or business) to have a presence on Facebook. Evidently a lot of people agree that Facebook Pages are effective communication channels for...  sharing information about your organization (or business); networking with colleagues and supporters;  promoting an event; announcing updates; and navigating traffic to your website. 

 If you have a Facebook Business Page or plan to create one, careful attention should be given to the first indicator of your organization's presence on Facebook... the Pages' URL address with "yourbusiness" name.  So, you should indeed... Name your Facebook Business Page Carefully and Wisely.
You should customize your Facebook Business Page with “your business” name as soon as possible. The Pages are randomly assigned a URL and number such as Although choosing a “yourbusiness” name is optional, it is highly recommended. You should brand your Page with a customized name which provides a shorter, easy-to-remember URL address to share and to promote on brochures,  business cards, websites and even your business email signature. 

Remember that you may Not be the only one thinking of a particular business name. So, don’t wait too long… you want to get "your business" name before someone else gets it.
The requirements to customize your Facebook Business Page include: 

1. You must use only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (.)

2. You must have received at least 25 “Likes” before you can even assign a customized name; 

3. You can only change “yourbusiness” name once and it is Not transferable...  So, choose the name carefully and wisely.

4. The “yourbusiness” name should be as close as possible to the name of the organization, business, or person that the Facebook Page represents (i.e. CHeTAREproject, CHAREproject).
Read more about Usernames and Page Addresses.

CHeTARE Tech Tip: Name your Facebook Business Page Carefully and Wisely.... 
It represents your organization (or business) in the Facebook community.


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